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Moving tips

How to identify and avoid a lowball estimate from movers

To protect your move from moving scams, you need to be able to identify a lowball moving estimate. Below is what to search for:

1. Moving that is not binding :

One thing you have to know when you are requesting for moving estimate is that there are various types of moving estimates. You can either go for binding or non-binding estimates. What then is the difference between them? Well, when you receive binding estimates, it implies that you will pay the actual amount you get quoted. On the contrary, non-binding moving estimates provide the moving company an opportunity to add more charges in the future. So, when you are getting quotes, ensure you receive non-binding ones to prevent being scammed by lowball moving estimates from movers.

2. The movers don’t check your shipments :

Did the moving company send its agent to your house and check all of your shipments in person? Did they ask to access your shipments via video or photos? If no, then you may be working with a rogue moving company and a lowball moving estimate. Know that any moving estimates received via the phone are completely not accurate. After all, how can a mover quote you an accurate estimate when they are yet to see your belongings physically?

Together with assessing the quantity and weight of your items, professional moving companies will possibly ask about stairs, parking rules, elevators, and other issues that may affect the overall estimate. 

3. Movers that don’t ask for your moving details :

If a company cannot send an agent to your home, then this option can bridge the gap to get a moving quote online. A moving company cannot provide an accurate and real estimate without understanding the specifics of the move.

Two factors can affect the overall price – not only the moving distance and the number of bedrooms you plan to move – so the moving company needs to find out the entire details of your move to provide an accurate quote (the quantity and type of belongings you have to move, the specifics involved with the pick-up and delivery points (stairs, parking rules, the layout of the property, elevators, physical obstacles, and so on), any unique requirements you may have, and so on). If the moving company provides you a lowball quote without asking a lot of questions about your relocation, you should run from them.

4. You are only quoted over the phone :

Another way to prevent lowball estimates for your move is to stay away from moving companies that only quote you via the phone. This is one other thing that the moving companies can do to get the opportunity to charge you more later.

On the other hand, if you received written estimates, you can be more certain that the estimated price is exactly what you are paying. If you are only quoted on the phone, you won’t have any evidence to show if things go south. Therefore, it would be difficult for you to file a complaint or anything of that kind because it will only be your work against the moving companies.

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