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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Moving and Storage Companies

Dec 27, 2023

Moving can be incredibly stressful. Whether you want to move to another city or state, a moving and storage company can help you plan your move better. A moving company, such as Luigys Moving & Storage, will manage your move from start to finish, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of moving tasks.

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Not all moving and storage companies have the knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise to manage your move. Before you start evaluating your options, identify your needs and then decide which moving company can meet them.

Follow these tips to choose the right moving company for you.

Ask Around

If a friend, colleague, or family member has just moved to a new city or state, ask them about their experience working with their mover. Were there any hiccups? If so, did the mover have a plan to manage them? Ask them if they were provided with an estimate and whether the costs were explained to them and if they will consider the moving company in future.

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Consider Storage Facility Location

If you plan to retrieve your items frequently from your storage unit, look for a conveniently located storage facility. Individuals who plan to access their storage units once in a while may consider facilities located on the outskirts of their cities.

Remember storage facilities located outside cities usually charge a lower fee. By choosing one, you can save on self-storage costs. If you plan to access your storage unit at odd hours, look for a facility that offers 24/7 access. Such facilities often charge an additional fee to let their customers retrieve items from their self-storage units at odd hours.

When selecting a moving and storage company in San Francisco, another factor to consider is the security measures implemented by the storage facility. Does the provider have an in-house surveillance team? Are the storage units equipped with fire alarms and sensors? Are cameras installed strategically in every nook and cranny of the facility?

Check Reputation

There are several ways to assess a mover’s reputation. Go to the provider’s social media profiles to see what their customers are saying about them. Check the service’s BBB rating and go to reliable third-party review sites to read reviews and testimonials posted by the company’s customers.

Check Licensing and Insurance

All interstate movers are required to obtain a USDOT number issued by the FMCSA. The agency uses USDOT numbers to ensure regulatory compliance.

The body also uses these numbers when conducting official audits and reviews, and accident investigations. Go to the FMCSA’s official site to verify the license of the moving and storage company you’re considering.

You will also want to make sure that the moving and storage company you are considering carries insurance. If you hire an unlicensed mover to manage your move and a crew member slips, trips, or falls and suffers an injury while working on your property, you may be asked to bear the cost of their treatment.

When you hire an insured provider, on the other hand, and someone on their team slips, trips, or falls while handling your items and gets injured, the moving company’s insurer takes care of the claim. If necessary, ask for proof of insurance coverage.

Get Multiple Estimates

Get estimates from at least three different moving and storage companies. Your moving estimate should include important information such as the total weight of your inventory, the amount and size of items, the origin and destination address (and the distance between them), payment terms, insurance details, your move and delivery date, crew size, and fuel surcharge.

An estimate should state clearly if the provider’s crew will pack some or all of your items and define the scope of any additional services.

When comparing two or more estimates, take the time to understand each cost element. If you do not understand a particular cost element included in an estimate, call the provider’s office. Find out if there are any other costs than the ones included in the estimates involved.

While provider fee is an important factor to consider when choosing a moving company, do not base your decision on this factor alone. Steer clear of providers with unrealistically low quotes as they may be amateurs and lack what it takes to deliver the goods.

Watch out for Red Flags

If a moving company demands a cash deposit before you move, walk away! Remember if a provider pressures you into making an upfront payment, it may not be a legitimate business. You will also want to consider other options if the provider seems unprofessional and shows up late to appointments, seems unsure of their capabilities, or can’t satisfactorily answer your questions. Steer clear of movers who show up in rented moving vans as a professional movers will have their own equipment.

Verify the address of the moving company you’re considering. Be wary of providers who use residential addresses as business addresses and companies with addresses listed and registered under other moving companies’ names.

Ask About Professional Accreditations

Before hiring a moving and storage company in San Francisco, check if it is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association or any other reputable industry bodies. To become a member of a trade body, a provider must fulfill several requirements and demonstrate their expertise. Members should commit to continuous improvement to maintain their memberships. When you hire a company accredited by an industry association, you can rest assured your items are in safe hands.

Luigys Moving & Storage offers top-notch moving and storage solutions. No matter how complicated your move is, our team can manage it. To learn more, call (415) 413-4646.




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