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Top Professional Local Moving Companies in Petaluma


Luigys Moving & Storage is a leading Petaluma moving company. Whether you want to move to another city or state for work or are planning to relocate your business, we can manage your move from beginning to end, ensuring you can stay focused on your most important moving tasks. We have built customer loyalty by meeting and exceeding customer expectations time and again.

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Experienced Moving Professionals

We have assembled a top-rated moving team. Our professionals have years of experience in managing long-distance and interstate moves. Their professionalism and know-how set them apart from their peers. Our moving experts understand federal, state, and local moving guidelines and ensure compliance. They do it right the first time.

Safe Handling of Your Valuables

Worried about fragile items? Our specialized packing and storage services are designed to protect your possessions, reducing moving costs and offering peace of mind.

Customized Packing Excellence

Unlike many local moving companies in Petaluma that offer only moving services, we take care of both moving and storage near Petaluma. To reduce your moving costs, move your items into one of our storage units before moving day. Our storage units are designed to hold all types of items. Our in-house security team surveils our facility round the clock to prevent unauthorized access.

Packing items, especially fragile and expensive items requires expertise. If packed improperly, fragile items can shift and sustain damage in transit. Also, improperly packed items may take up more space. We follow best practices for packing fragile items to ensure they are properly secured and do not shift in transit. Our packing experts use quality packing materials designed to protect items from different types of damage.

Strategic Moving

We take the guesswork out of moving. Before starting a complex long-distance or interstate move, we study the factors that can affect the moving process and develop a moving plan to overcome moving challenges and problems. Meticulous planning helps avoid mistakes and confusion, ensuring smooth sailing. Our planned approach to moving helps us finish moving projects on time and within budget.

Exclusive Discounts and Offers

Discover if you’re eligible for our $500 moving discount or participate in our referral program to earn a 5% commission.

Two men wearing green shirts carrying a large green chair

Get Your Free Moving Quote Today

Ready to move? Contact us at (415) 413-4646 for a free quote and start your seamless moving journey with Luigys Moving & Storage near Petaluma.

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