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Jan 15, 2018

Moving into a house from an apartment for the first time is one of the most exciting, yet stressful experiences in someone’s life. For those who have never lived in a home before, the idea of owning one can seem difficult and strange. Fortunately, many of us have blazed this trail already, and can provide insight on turning a house into a home. Since we at Luigys Movers have helped move so many before us make their big move into their first house, we hope that we can make this process easier for you with these nuggets of advice:



The sensation that comes over a new homeowner after the joy secedes may be a bit of shock. All who have lived in one should know that “apartments” are usually smaller than “houses”, but many might not realize the gulf in functional space. A would-be interior decorator may feel that a “minimalist” vibe is a worthy aim, and that this space serves a purpose in establishing an aura in the home. For most others, though, the empty space of the home will dispel a feeling of emptiness, a void that needs to be filled by decoration, whether it furniture or just “stuff.” 
A new home is a huge opportunity for creativity, especially when one considers this additional space. Think of it as a canvas; an opportunity for artistry and creativity. Take the floor-plans and dream a little bit. The dregs of packing takes up a bit of time in the preparation phase of moving into a new house, but there will be time where the (more fun) hypothetical interior decorating can be done.



There are several additional costs a homeowner can over an apartment renter or owner. Certain expenses like heat, electricity, gas, etc. can become more expensive, but additional costs arise as well. Yard Work becomes a big factor, with a garden needing to maintained with various tools and products that have to be bought regularly. Tools are needed to clear windows, gutters, and other elements on and adjacent to the house’s exterior.
New tasks to keep you busy come along with these costs, too. Maintaining a home takes even more time and energy than maintaining an apartment. The time really adds up if any work needs to be done on the house, like painting, renovating, or even simple things that can build-up like changing the locks. You can get this time back if you hire professionals to handle these tasks for you – but then the bills pile even higher.

Keep a Maintenance Schedule

Houses, as a general rule, have much more to take care of within than apartments. Without structure, and reminders that these tasks can be completed, a lot can fall between the cracks. Set a cleaning schedule for your whole house. Remember to clean commonly used rooms frequently (scrub down the bathroom and vacuum in the living room at least once a week, for example.) Less commonly used or thought about areas need regular attention also (vents and light fixtures could use a dust-off about every month or so.

Other tasks in your home will require attention, also. Your smoke detector’s batteries should be checked regularly. The lawn needs to be mowed and watered. The roof should be checked for leakage every three months, or so. Depending on the unique parts of your own home, what work it regularly requires may vary. Having a good idea of what needs checking and how often it needs you to do something makes sleeping at night (in your new larger bed!) much easier.


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