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Cold Weather Moving | Tips from moving experts in San Francisco

Dec 12, 2017

Moving during the winter can be challenging, dealing with freezing cold temperatures and trying to navigate slippery, snow-covered roads can be daunting! Here are some tips for cold weather moving to save you some headaches and make your cold weather move a success.


1.Hire Professionals

Using an experienced moving company is a great idea for a winter move. By allowing the experts to load, transport and unload your household belongings, you will greatly reduce the hassle and frustration of trying to move yourself, also reducing the time your belongings will be out in the cold.


2.Turn On The Heat!

When your are finalizing your moving plans, don’t forget the important step of calling to set up heat and electricity for you new home several days before you plan to take possession so your new home is bright and toasty warm for your arrival.



3.Clear The Snow

As moving day approaches, keep an eye on the weather reports and be prepared to clear the ice and snow in and around both homes, including the parking area, walkways and any lanes within proximity. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, plan ahead and be sure to arrange for a snow removal company or a friend to take care of this important detail. It will help your move to go much more smoothly and ensure no accidents take place in the process.


4.Items to Keep Warm


Most moving companies will not allow you to transport plants in an unheated moving truck, so you will need to save extra space to safely move your plants. Don’t forget to prepare your pet carriers and leave room for your pets’ safe and secure transportation in your vehicle as well. You will also want to avoid freezing certain grocery items and beverages, so advance planning is required to be sure you have space.


5.Pack Sensibly

When packing for a cold weather move, you need to think ahead. Be sure to get expert advice on how to bundle up your precious belongings for a ride in an unheated moving truck. Most electronics are highly sensitive to moisture and drastic temperature changes can destroy plasma televisions. So too, wood furniture can crack when exposed to freezing temperatures so extreme care is required.


6.Protect Your Floors

Before moving day, be sure to protect high traffic areas in both homes from snow, sand and water. You can use heavy cardboard or plastic sheeting secured with heavy duty tape or tacks on carpeted areas. This will not only keep your floors clean but it will also prevent falls on slippery floors.


7.Be Prepared

Be prepared and think ahead by keeping extra sand and shovels available in case of unexpected snowfall on moving day. It’s also helpful to have extra hats, mittens and lots of hot drinks on hand to keep you, your helpers and your movers warm and in good spirits.


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